March 2021, Crypto Trading Portfolio Progress!

 March 2021 Crypto Trading Progress!

Since last month's Asset Report found on my other blog at Divi Monopoly (rebranded), I have had a steady increase in NAV all across the board. Today we are going to be taking a look into my Crypto Portfolio, some winning trades I've made, and the pivot towards Alpha as opposed to Staking. 

February's Month End Crypto Portfolio:

February Crypto Portfolio NAV -

Since then, my portfolio has steadily increased as a result of some winning trades, cash accrual, and unrealized capital gains. Here is a snapshot of some of my winning trades. 

My winning Crypto Trades -

What I'm looking for in this overheated market are some areas of opportunities for long scalps. My goal is to divide and conquer — slowly accrue cash by minimal downside risk with smaller position sizing as my portfolio gets larger. So far I have a profit of $71 and an open profit-take sell order for XLM at $0.78.

Whenever I have time, I will be taking small position sizes into areas of opportunities for scalping. Currently, I have an open orders for the following:

Current Coinbase Open Orders -

I have an unrealized loss of about $16 on $XLM, a long sell-order for $BTC at $97,594; and an open buy order for $GRT at $1.5789. Most of the portfolio gains were as a result of cash accrual. I always make sure to deposit 10% of my income into all of my portfolios. In this case, the cash will aid me whenever I see opportunities for wins and to minimize downside risk with lower position sizing. In the future, instead of leaving open orders, I may start to utilize stop-losses as the market starts to cool down. On profits overall, I have a gain of $73. 

Current Asset Value:

Current March End Crypto Asset Value -

Keep Tracking With Me!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. I will be sure to keep updating you all with weekly content by way of blog, vlog or pod. Keep checking in daily

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