Budgeting: How I Earned $113.02 from Just Coins!

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Hustling is scrappy. It requires grit, and sometimes it also requires you to get out of your comfort zone and do things that no one else wants to do. Collecting coins is something that I picked up, and adopted, from Dividend Investing forums. In these forums I found that many dividend investors had similar types of hobbies which included collecting and saving coins from wherever they can find, then investing the collections quarterly or by the end of the year. 

These investors then pool their coins together, bring them to the bank, and cash out. They then invest the cash into their portfolios, and as you can imagine the coins can add up to a sizable penny as it compounds. 

Normally, at the end of the year, I accumulate all of my coins that I rack up from either spending money from cash or picking them off the ground, cash it out at a local Coinstar and then invest them into my trading portfolios. However, this case was different. I was saving up for a 5G smartphone. Why? Because I need it. At the end of this year, I plan on moving out and undertaking a daunting journey so I've been accumulating supplies needed to make this journey happen. Although I can't provide what it is yet, one of the things I needed to buy was a 5G smartphone that I can tether for unlimited internet. So although I have enough cash and credit to buy such a thing right now, I figured I could use money from all of my semi-passive hustles in order to make it happen. 

Budget: ($400)

Money Saved so far: $264.76:

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