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Image of Yotta Savings Account - 2nd Win!

This past week, I received my second win on Yotta Savings! For those in the know, I wrote a blog post talking about my first Yotta win; you can read that here. Yotta is a new savings type of account with a lower risk-free way of winning rewards based on a lottery ticket system. You get a ticket for every deposit you put into the account, or when you refer new members. As you get new tickets, the higher the chances you have of winning.

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Example of being a pool member with sharing profits |

This past week, I joined a large pool where everyone pools their tickets and shares the prize pool with their members. This makes the chances of me winning way higher than if I were to use my tickets by itself. By providing liquidity into the pool as a member, I am receiving profits weekly since there will be a lot higher probability of winning since there are more than 6,000 tickets in circulation weekly. 

Image of a Yotta Pool - Increasing the probability of winning weekly! -

Here is the second win from Yotta that I received ever since I became a member of this Yotta pool. Prior to this, it was rare to win something weekly because I only had 6 tickets. Since joining, I expect to win dividends weekly as there are more tickets in circulation. Here is an image of my second winnings:

My second weekly winning from Yotta Savings |

So far, I am pleased with this savings establishment since it is an FDIC insured bank account, and that lottery winnings have no real risk of loss, other than what is normally present with banking institutions in general. If you wanted to get started with Yotta, a Y-Combinator backed company, please sign up using my code: DIVI 

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