My First Yotta Savings Win! — Dividend Hack

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I got started with Yotta Savings towards the end of 2020 and I wished I had started earlier! If you don't know, Yotta Savings is a new savings vehicle with a twist! It is a Y-Combinator engined startup where it mirrors the safety of FDIC-Insured Savings depository accounts with the adrenaline of gambling (with limited risk). Click here to read more

Month-end January of this year 2021, I got my first win! Although it was just $0.10, I was ecstatic because I love the idea of dividends and the principle of compounding interest. I love helping others succeed, while succeeding myself, so I figured if you sign up using my referral link, you and I will both get 100 free tickets to have more chances of winning! As you can see, the more you deposit (or get referrals), the more tickets you will have each week to win the lottery winnings! 

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Here is how it work. Every time you deposit into this savings account, you will get an extra ticket which means that you will have one more ticket to have a chance at winning. As you can see with a limited amount of tickets, I was still able to win a $0.10 dividend that week! Imagine what your chances are if you had 100 tickets?

I hope that as you read my blogs, you will learn to appreciate the idea of the compounding effect. The little cents and dollars add up, and they will keep exponentially multiplying the bigger the dividends get and the more you actively invest in these types of vehicles. Keep reading to see my success! 

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