Stocks with Dividend Increases & BlackRock Bitcoin Futures?

Image of Blackrock now investing in Bitcoin Futures - Plus Dividend Increase -

The future sounds bright for Crypto enthusiasts out there. On an asset level, a lot of institutions are opening up to the idea of investing or trading in cryptocurrency, and is slowly enmeshing with the inner workings of the stock market as well. 

Within the last 4 days, Blackrock, one of the largest asset managers in the world with assets in excess of $18 Trillion, has decided to enter into the Bitcoin Futures market. Two of their funds: Blackrock Strategic Income Opportunities and Blackrock Global Allocation will be greenlit to participate in futures trading within exchanges listed under the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. 

A few days after this was broadcasted to all news and media networks, they announced a quarterly increase of dividend payouts from $3.63 to $4.13, a dividend growth of almost 14%

Some other companies that announced increased dividend payouts was Fastenal, a manufacturer of fasteners and tools; And Intel Corp, a company which manufactures chipsets, semiconductors, gaming cards, and other computer hardware. 

Fastenal announced an increase of payouts by 12% from $0.25 to $0.28 quarterly, while Intel announced an increase of payouts by 5% from $0.33 to $0.3475 quarterly. 

After looking at the historical data of both Blackrock and Fastenal, I decided to add these two into my  portfolio due to two factors: 

  1. Both have a lengthy track record of existence and stable dividend yields-increases
  2. Their financials are phenomenal! 
Image of Blackrock Stock

Image of Colgate-Palmolive Stock

Image of Fastenal Stock

Image of Intel Stock

I also added Colgate-Palmolive to my M1Finance portfolio as well. So now, I have 3 more assets in my portfolio with Intel already being included a long time ago! Here is how it looks so far: 

Image of my M1Finance Slice |

Image of my M1Finance Slice |

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