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Tezos (ticker: XTZ)

Ranked 19 on Coinmarketcap, Tezos is a mainstay in the Crypto community. Although it has had its fair share of troubles, they have had to pivot as a result; I believe that due to this factor, they will continue to become a mainstay unforeseeably. I love Tezos because they allow you to delegate your tokens at minimal risk, which you can withdraw at any time. It does take about 35 to 40 days of delegating before you see any returns on your investment, but after that period of time it should take around 3 days to receive stable Crypto dividends. 

Choosing a wise delegator, if you choose to do so, will be paramount. You want to select a reputable, wizened, and honest delegator because Tezos has a built in security protocol to prevent double spending. Pretty much if a validator/delegator exhibits dishonest behavior, they will immediately forfeit their security deposit. 

Although I mentioned that with Tezos Staking, you are not tied to a term, I did notice that Ledger Wallet did so in my case before I transferred my funds to Atomic Swap. I noticed that my gains in Ledger were not frequent and they had tied my funds for a few days before I could transfer them over. Be wary of which wallet you are choosing to stake from because they might have contingencies, even with reputable companies like Ledger. Here is a quick guide on how to stake Tezos on Atomic Swap Wallet.

Image of Tezos - XTZ Staking Rewards as of 12-20-2020
Source: Stakingrewards.com

Cardano (ticker: ADA)

The reason why I love Cardano, ranked 8 on Coinmarketcap, Staking is because it does not lock your tokens in for a term. You can unlock them and withdraw them at any time! Plus they have a very low Epoch, meaning that every Epoch you will get your rewards (roughly every 5 days). Not only can you stake with a validator at Cardano, you can also create your own staking pool as well! The founder of Cardano is also a very knowledgeable person, and they have been in the Crypto game for a few years now. Not only do they rank high in the charts at Coinmarketcap, but they are diligently pushing out new ideas and doing so to ensure that they are fully secured. Here is a quick guide on how to Stake Cardano on Atomic Swap Wallet.

Image of Cardano - ADA Staking rewards as of 12-20-2020
Source: Stakingrewards.com

Zilliqa (ticker: ZIL)

Zilliqa, ranked 45 on Coinmarketcap, is a fairly new token incepted on January 2018, that is operating out of Singapore. Singapore is one of the least corrupt nations in the world with a corruption index of 85. Not only that, but there is a low term to stake on the Atomic Swap platform. Currently it takes 24 hours to lock in the tokens before receiving staking rewards. This is highly minuscule and as you can see from the image below, the staking reward frequency is tremendously quick.Also keep in mind that ZIL is not a US-based security. Currently US-based customers cannot purchase ZIL. Here is a quick guide on how to stake on Atomic Swap Wallet.
Image of Zilliqa - ZIL Staking Rewards as of 12-20-2020
Source: Stakingrewards.com

In Summary

All three tokens are ones that I strongly believe in due to their fundamentals and long-term visions. For the first two, Tezos and Cardano, they have been mainstays in the Crypto industry and are diligently moving forward with their plans via upgrades or modifications and etc. The third one is a fairly new token in a country with very low corruption index: Singapore. Due to all of these facts, and more as aforementioned, I believe that these tokens are for maximalists who want to grow their bag; This while dollar-cost averaging their Crypto Portfolio to make up for the sheer ebbs and flows of the Crypto market. Check out my blog over on Publish0x.com/DividendVortex to see how I transfer funds from my CashApp to Atomic Swap Wallet to stake my Tezzies! 

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Atomic Swap Wallet - Read more here: publish0x.com/dividendvortex

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor. Invest at your own risk.

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