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The principle behind dividend growth investing is about investing in long-term stocks which payout dividends that usually appreciate year over year. As the portfolio grows over time, so do the dividend incomes; and if set as a DRIP, the dividend income(s) go back towards the stock(s) as repurchases. This is a heavily fundamental-based investment form, and requires much due diligence as stocks ebb and flow with the markets. So long as the publicly traded companies remain solid business fundamentals, and solidifies their intent to distribute payouts to shareholders, dividend growth investing will eventually become a new source of income stream for you.
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The reason why I selected CISCO Systems Inc. (ticker: CSCO), as a company to watch out for is because of their solid fundamentals, income statements, and balance sheets. They have been on the DOW Jones Industrial Index for a very long time, but not only that, they are in an industry that they have had market share in for 4 decades. When you have worked in many different retail stores, corporations, or warehouses; you're sure to have seen a "CISCO" emblazoned network device. CISCO specializes in telecommunications devices for businesses and industrial clients. They provide network solutions such as VPNs, Malware protection, Firewalls, network routers, and more. Because of this they have sustained a stably growing business year over year with a beta of 0.94 making it a stable company to invest in over the long term. Whether you want to dollar cost average into this stock now, or wait for prices to fall, CSCO may be a lucrative investment for you in the future. 
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Apple (Stock ticker: AAPL) is a company predominantly known for their computer products. They own a large market share of consumer demand in computer products since they are in an industry that has a 50/50 split of hardcore PC users to MAC Users. This also includes Android vs iOS. Apple products, in my eyes, have always been known to be an "upper" class product. There is a lot of Apple diehards that will remain diehard users for the longterm future. Over the last decade, users have pre-ordered and stood in line (pre-Covid) for the latest iPhone release, enmasse. Not only are their financials tight, but they have also been paying increasing dividends over 7 years. The reason why I chose AAPL as a stock to look out for is due to their financials, market share, and their recent stock split. The stock split has made their stock cheaper, and has created an opportunity to once again invest in Apple stock again, whether you dollar cost average into it, or wait for a better pricing opportunity. 

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At Pfizer's (Stock ticker: PFE) current price, around $42.50, and with the recent news floating around of a covid vaccination pending release per the FDA's approval, PFE is a great stock to not only speculate into, but also buy into as a long-term investment. This is because they have been paying stable dividends since 1972. Their financials are great, with the exception of their balance sheet, which I presume is due to them not having many tangible assets but rather in the form of intangibles. On a technical level, their chart shows a high uptick due to recent positive news of a covid vaccination, but Pfizer should become a solid choice whether you dollar cost average into it, or wait for a better buying opportunity. 

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Disclosure: This is not investment advice, nor am I a financial advisor. 

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