Dividend Producing Assets (Dividend Growth)

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As I keep investing into my portfolio bi-weekly, my dividends are increasing as well. I now hold mostly full amount of shares, especially in the higher triple digit priced stocks, thus I have been growing my portfolio(s) dividend by dividend. I am continuing to tax myself 30% of my income bi-weekly and adding cash to all of my main portfolios: Webull, M1Finance, and Crypto. All 3 of my main portfolios hold at least one dividend producing asset, so let me break them down for you. 


Picture of My M1Finance Port on 11-7-20

I'm not as worried about capital gains as I am more worried about accumulating stocks and increasing my dividends for my M1Finance Portfolio. This is the beauty of fractional investing because you don't need to worry about reinvesting dividends back into a stock (like a DRIP), but that the cash accumulates until there is enough to dollar cost average into all of the stocks chosen in your portfolio. My goal is to eventually accumulate as many dividends as possible and reinvest into all of my shares according to my percentages. Here is a look at my current dividends now.


Image of WeBull Portfolio on 11-7-20

I am not as focused on dividends on Webull as I am on M1Finance because this is mainly for long-bias swing trading. My aim is to buy stocks at the dips and then arbitrage them for profits no matter how long it takes. It is a mixture of fundamental investing and technical analysis. I aim to buy stocks that I feel have great financials, long-term forecasts, and are currently hurting due to the economy but will make a rebound. This is speculative in nature so don't take my words as advice. I did have a dividend from one of my holdings and that was Dominion Energy or $D. It's a great company that has always shown solid fundamentals and is always in demand since it is a utilities/energy company. 

Crypto Dividends

Image of Crypto Portfolio on 11-7-20

My personal preference for buying crypto is using CashApp with my Amazon Turk dividends and then using funds to purchase Bitcoin. As soon as my Bitcoin gets to a decent amount, I transfer them into my wallet and swap them for Tezos and Link. Tezos is the main bag that I am focusing on because of their staking rewards. My goal is to reach it to a sizeable position and then use the dividends received from Tezos to buy up other cryptocurrencies and arbitrage them for profits — Buy low, accumulate, and sell high. Here are some of my new dividends at a glance. I recently switched over from Everstake as my delegate validator to PayTezos as I noticed Everstake wasn't giving me dividends in quite some time. 

Image of Crypto Dividends on 11-7-20

As you can see, I am receiving relatively stable staking dividends from my Tezos portfolio. I always purchase Tezos and Link as soon as I get a paycheck bi-weekly. My goal is to eventually reach $10,000 worth of Tezos and start parlaying the dividends into other bags to accumulate and eventually arbitrage for profits. 


Now that you have seen the growing progress of my dividends, I hope you too, can start your own dividend investing journey. It's not for everybody and you surely won't get quick results as you do from daytrading, but it requires less maintenance and a different type of research and discipline to reap the rewards. Don't hesitate to click on my linktree.com/divimonopoly to get started on your own investing journey!

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