Webull & SoFi Portfolio Updates - 10.18.20

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My SoFi portfolio has been steadily increasing weekly. If you recall, I first started SoFi investing when I had a promotion to have $25 of Bitcoin for free by investing. Then, I started investing $20 bi-weekly — $10 in Tesla and the other $10 on Bitcoin. 

For some reason, it seems like things are starting to speed up quickly! Even though I've only started this about a month and a half ago, my portfolio has risen by $150. This account is going to be one of my highly speculative plays where I will be focusing solely on Tesla and Bitcoin, and taking profits once it gets to a large size. Here is how the portfolio looks today:

Image of My SoFi Crypto Portfolio Dated 10.18.20

Image of my SoFi Tesla Portfolio Dated 10.18.20

As you can see, my portfolio is steadily rising as I chip into the portfolio Bi-Weekly as soon as my paycheck comes in. This will be a medium to longterm hold for me and once it reaches a high enough level, I will sell them for a profit. Again, this is a speculative play and money that is not so much that it is life-threatening. 

An image of my Webull portfolio dated 10.18.20

Now we move on to Webull. Webull is starting to become a medium to long-term spec play where I hold stocks and swing them once they reach my price targets. I've set all of the price targets as a sell order once they reach my desired prices. I aim to hold at least 50% of the portfolio in cash and the rest in stocks that I believe will appreciate in value. As a result, without meaning to, I've started accumulating a sizeably increasing portfolio made up of various stocks in different sectors and with different uses. In the case of Berkshire Hathaway B-shares, I'm holding onto that longterm as a result of having a discount on my Geico auto insurance (yes you get associate discounts for being a shareholder).

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to sign up to both SoFi and Webull to get amazing trading experiences, fast execution, and free stocks and crypto (for a limited time whenever they stop the promotions).

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