Tezos & ChainLink Crypto Portfolio Updates — 10.26.20

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Since the last Crypto Portfolio update, I have since added $LINK to the arsenal. So far I am quite happy with the way my portfolio has been progressing. Right now it's a numbers game as opposed to the capital gains aspect of growth; meaning that I want to increase the size of my bags while prices get lower and lower. I want to do this in order to take advantage of Tezos staking and also have a lot more $LINK to sell when it reaches profit target.

Once again, I received some cash from 10% self-tax and some passive income money, and bought some more ChainLink using CashApp

Image of my CashApp income
Then I bought some Bitcoin using the CashApp and swapped it for LINK using the Atomic Swap Wallet App. 

Image of my Atomic Swap Wallet on 10.26.20

As you can see, my portfolio is slowly compounding and gaining some steam, especially with the added benefit of Tezos Dividends received every couple of days. Here is a glimpse of my Tezos Dividends received thus far. Again, my goal is to grow my bag such that my Tezos staking will provide me more leverage to trade with on the house. 

Image of my Tezos Dividends as of 10.26.20

Thus far I am impressed at how my Tezos Dividends and Crypto Portfolio are ramping up. I'm not so focused on the USD capital gains as I am the total size of the portfolio share-wise. Eventually, I aim to have enough Tezos such that I can trade with the dividends by swapping them for other currencies, and also profit-take from a large $LINK size. 

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