M1Finance Dividend Updates! 10.03.20

Here are my gains and dividends for October 3rd 2020!

The dividends are starting to stack up! As my portfolio size is steadily increasing, the dividends are too! My goal is to show you guys how compounding interest works and how wonderfully powerful it can be once you stick to your script and you ensure that you have done your due diligence for strong companies with strong balance sheets and company philosophies! 

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The portfolio has consistently been in an upward trend, but I don't presume that it will stay that way for long! However, my M1Finance portfolio is all about sticking with companies that I believe will be with us for the long-term. That also includes strategies in place that make room for technological growth! For example, Target acquired "Shipt" back in 2017, and has now been a consistent driver for their revenue! 

My Dividends from September to October 3rd on M1Finance. Click on this image to get started!

Since September 1 through October 3rd, I've received a total of $10.51. It's not much for most, but in terms of my perspective, I'm extremely happy about them because they have come a long way. As some of you may or may not recall, I always invest 10% of my income towards M1Finance, so this portfolio will always grow, whether in principal size or number of shares held. Either way, the more my portfolio grows, the higher the dividends will be. Each of these companies have been vetted by me, based on my criterias, to withstand a lot of recessionary pressure, still pay dividends, and do extremely well. 

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