WeBull Portfolio Updates - 9-07-20

I added some new positions to my portfolio. As some of you guys might or might not know, especially for those new, I am constantly keeping you guys updated on how my portfolio progresses for each of my investments. For this one, Webull, it is my trading portfolio where I allocate some percentage of my cash into speculative stocks that I will hold indefinitely until they reach price targets. 

New Additions

I added JBLU and CNK into my holdings. Thus far they have been performing well, but I am still holding them for the intermediate to far future in order for them to reach my price targets before I sell. 

JBLU, or JetBlue is an airlines company that I believe has the ability to tap into market share even more during this decline in the airlines industry. Because they are a smaller and newer company, they have less cash burn than the more defined counterparts Delta or even American Airlines. Prior to this, they had difficulties finding "real estate" or airline terminals to proffer their brand and services to. After this, they have begun developing partnerships with different airlines to co-brand and also increase their marketability. As a result of this, they have been able to gain more "airline real estate". Because of this, I believe that they will capitalize on the opportunities offered to them during this time in order to become huge later on. My price target is $38, and my entry price was around $12 

CNK, or Cinemark has always been the number 3 movie theater corporation in the game. They have a lot of commercial space in locations all across the USA and even internationally. However, because of this physical footprint, they are burning cash significantly. However, I believe that due to their business model of offering low cost tickets in a significantly unemployed atmosphere, they will derive more customers seeking entertainment as shops start opening back up. 

Self Taxed: $110.50

From the income I generate, I always tax myself 30% for three of my main investments: Tezos, Webull and M1Finance. The other ones have a daily fixed amount of $40 and $50 for both of my Worthy Bonds and UPromise Portfolios; also just a bit of cash into my SoFi investing account.

This week, from my paycheck, I allocated 10% of my bi-weekly income into my Webull Portfolio and as such, it has not yet been made available in my portfolio, but is still usable as buying power (although not yet shown in the image above). 

Due to my strategy, regardless of whether my portfolio tanks or rises, I will have an abundance of cash that will keep increasing as I self-tax myself more. 

Stay Tuned

Keep posted on my blogs here or at my YouTube channel to see my portfolios updated in real time! 

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