Amazon Turk 9-15-20 Updates

 Amazon Turk Divis

I love doing Amazon Turk surveys once a day every single day. It has been a part of my morning routine since the start of this year and it won't stop anytime soon! The reason why I love doing them, as mentioned in my prior posts, is because of the structure it provides for me; and also how they work for me as I buy crypto with all of the dividends received every 3 days. I have been buying up Tezos with them for a while now and that bag provides value for me via staking rewards. I will continue to do this but I have also decided to add $LINK to the mix upon wise counsel from my father FunFace. Here are the stats thus far going into September:

My Amazon Turk Dividends on 9-15-20

As I dollar cost average into crypto more with these Amazon Turk dividends, alongside 10% of my income, it is my goal to provide for you a glimpse into how the power of compounding interest works. 

Here is my current Crypto Portfolio (along with my Publish0x dividends): 

My Crypto Portfolio 9-15-20

Here are some of my Tezos Dividends at a glance: 

Tezos Dividends on 9-15-20

Keep tracking and compounding our interest, with me, to eventually get that condo on park ave!

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