Worthy Bonds (Interest Dividends From Bonds)

Worthy is a bond platform that deals with providing loans to help support small businesses domestically in the US. They make money off the spread of providing the loans and also giving 5% back to their investors in lieu of 5% yield. Because each bond is worth $10, it's not only easy to entry into providing a way for smaller investors to get started, but it's also regulated by the SEC. Here is a really good interview that summarizes exactly why Worthy Bonds was started

Read That Before You Read On

As that medium article will most definitely get you oriented into Worthy Bonds and its mission statement. It not only helps small businesses, but also smaller investors, and almost gives back by way of a win-win-win scenario: The small businesses win, only highly rated companies get funded so it's risk adjusted, it has a small entry-size so that smaller investors can invest, both accredited and non-accredited investors can buy them providing liquidity, it's regulated and backed by the SEC, and the company thrives as this mission thrives.

Keep in mind, this isn't going to be a piece that shills you why this company is the next big thing. Every company has the potential to collapse. But in my opinion, the mission statement alone provides incentive enough to help out in any way possible, no? As a non-financial advisor, I suggest you do your research before you invest in such a company. I've started this not too long ago and so far I have been more than happy with my yields. As I've been buying more bonds, the interest has been accruing more daily.

One of the coolest features of this platform is also the round-ups aspect. Similar to some investment platforms like Stash, you have the ability to tie your bank account as a monitor to track each transaction that occurs, and it rounds each purchase to an even dollar. The remainder of the cents that have rounded up goes towards the round-up pool and accumulates until it reaches 1 worthy bond worth $10. Because of how low of an entry each bond is, it is super easy to stack up the bonds. And it compounds, especially if you decide to enroll in a monthly recurring purchase of bonds each month. 

For myself, I have it set to purchase 4 bonds each month, and I typically average 4 round ups each month based on purchase or transaction activity with my banking account.

Referrals (A Now Taboo Word?)

Lastly, you have the opportunity to gain even more bonds by sharing the platform with your friends and family members. You have the opportunity to have up to 50 referrals in a year, as of this date, which is a reward in and of itself! This is a platform that has the opportunity to help people, ourselves, and also the creators that founded the company as well. It's like a chance to have a triple-net win. If you'd like to support me and the cause, please do use my referral link by clicking on any of the images above. Thank you very much! 

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