Tezos Dividends (Monthly Tezivend For New Subscribers)

Tezos, $XTZ, is a cryptocurrency that has been around the block for a while now—no pun. When it was initially formed, from what I can remember, it was marketed as a token that acted as an index or ETF fund: A fund of the major cryptocurrencies which gave out yields in return for holding them. Now, it has been modified and rebranded to that of a seemingly new token.

P.S. Don't quote me on this. This is purely from my impeccably autistic memory. They have rebranded so many times the truth is out there. Follow me on Twitter @DiviMonopoly for Tezi-leaks. Just messing around...


My obsession with Tezos started out as a joke. I had a friend who reintroduced me to this token, her name being @HeySamiiLynnAt the time I was just getting back into crypto after selling all of my bags when it was at the near-term top; and I was just formulating my strategy for crypto for the long-term..."which bags should I hold? What should my strategy be for crypto: swing trade or hodl?" 


I then just start tweeting for sheer improprietous fun. I start entertaining the idea of being a faux-Tezos Maximalist when I didn't even hold a bag at all. Then I started buying Bitcoin again (the good ole corn)...But I was bored with the corn. It was too expensive to even dollar cost average and because I was a veteran of the game I already knew about the ebbs and flows of the market cycle in the space, but had no time to even play that game. Then I bought my first 5 Tezos, roughly worth $9. Then it morphed into 47 Tezzies, and until now, finally at 125 Tezzies. Then I rebranded...

The Strategic Shift

What was my reason for getting into Tezos? Penultimately it was because I was being a trickster. But the more I delved deeper, the more I felt as if this token was jiving to my core; Almost like a crypto-alt of a spirit animal...perhaps a Crypto Kitty or what have you. Ultimately, I was in crypto for 3 simple reasons.

1. The Yield

I rebranded as a new channel to not only become a better and classier version of myself, for my eventual bae @coin_artist, but also because I realized that at the end of the day what I sook in life was yield. I realized that the older I became, the wiser I became. I love dividends and I love the compounding aspect of it. With crypto, it is almost like the fusion-dance of the tortoise and the hare. Exemplified in this is Tezos. By the way, that was a jab at John Kim—sworn enemy of Tezzy brahs everywhere.

2. Ranking

Tezos is a time-tested top 30 token on Coinmarketcap. As of this date, it is ranked 14 among the sea of Alt coins in the space. Due to this factor, I decided it was my best option because it gives me yield while also being a mainstay in the top 30 under 30 Coinmarketcap list (no pun). 

3. Mitigate Risk 

I am capping my holdings of Tezos when I reach either 10,000 to 35,000 tokens. This is because the yield will level out slowly over time and because by that point, assuming I reach target, I will be able to start trading the Tezzies I do have for other tokens that I can long-trade to profit from. In short, I will reinvest a portion of the dividends at that point into my Tezos bag, then trade the rest in house money on other speculative tokens that pertain to my risk tolerance. If you're new, just be willing to take the roller coaster ride that is crypto. Be prepared to lose it all or win it all. 


I am now a Tezzie-brah and official tech nerd. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will be giving away free Tezzies as a dividend once at the end of each month. This is an appreciating dividend mind you so the next one will be $5.xx worth of Tezos given for new subscribers only! Our first winner was my long-time pal @traderjoe155 Thanks so much for the support bro!  

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