SoFi Portfolio Update - 8-31-20

Week 2:

My SoFi investing portfolio is something that I just started on accident, but I'm grateful to have given this platform a try. So far, I'm loving how easy it is to buy fractional shares at my leisure and to scale it up slowly with little dollars here and there that I won't miss either way. I also believe that it is, with this slow dollar cost averaging, that perhaps will take this portfolio to the moon (at some point or another). Hopefully, it does while the port gets as fat as a cow, but not before of course. 

So today, upon checking this portfolio, decided to give an extra fiver to my guy Elon Musk of $TSLA acclaim. I will also be putting some dollars into Bitcoin whenever I get a chance to so that this portfolio has a chance of rising in value, and or falling in value, so that I can track them all weekly. I believe that there was a recent stock split from Tesla which will be a good thing for me in the sense that it will take less to buy one full share of Tesla as opposed to before when priced at $1,000+. I also want to keep the Bitcoin portfolio in place so that I will be able to monitor what happens to that portfolio when prices become volatile. 

So far, I really love the platform and I'm incredibly happy with the performance of its stock price executions and brokerage of services. If you wanted to get started, here's my reflink so that you can perhaps get a promo like I did (limited time only).

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