Timehacking - A $10 Watch With a $10,000+Plus Time Value Of Money?


A watch has three uses: for superficiality, collectibles, and for utility. The one I'm focusing on is the last one: utility. A watch is the ultimate time value of money. It lets you see the time, helps you keep on track, and also has ancillary benefits depending on if its a digital watch or not. Today I'm going to give you the referral link to the best $10 investment on a time piece that I have ever bought this year. I'd say it's equivalent to $10,000 worth of time, if not, even more.

Here's the story of how I came to buy the $10 CASIO F91W-1 Casual Sport Watch from Amazon.com

My boy @RadeUno decided to mentor me a little bit one blue moon and DMed me. His first task for me to do was "get a fucking watch!" The reason? Time management. For some reason, that was exactly what I needed to hear because time management was what I was working on that month and I needed to hear the exact blunt type of energy that Rade always possesses. I had some trepidation about his approach, especially considering that I didn't really wear watches anymore because I had no desire to impress anybody. That and the fact that I took to heart what Grant Cardone once said in a YouTube video: "I didn't wear a watch until I was successful! Don't wear a fucking watch!" But yeah, bad advice from GC and good advice from Rade.

Before I bought the infamous $10 watch, I decided to wear my dress watch—the one I always wore on dressy occasions. It was a good looking watch, but sometimes impractical. Although it looked great, putting it on and off was always a hassle and the leather was starting to wear away and crackle. Not only that, but because it didn't have all of the numbers on the time clock, it was sometimes hard to quickly see what time it was without scrutinizing it a few seconds longer than needed.


I decided to go practical and see if I can buy a really low budget watch that actually looks good and has a lot of utility purposes. I always knew that Casio or Timex had the best budget watches. But although they were very inexpensive and "tacky" from a branding perspective, I wanted to see what my options were without breaking the bank. I came across the Casio F-9W-1 and I was blown away. Although they weren't any Apple watches, they were just what I was seeking.

I remembered as a kid wearing Casio watches; in fact the exact ones like the one shown below, and I remembered that they had an alarm feature. That was an important factor for my purchase. I needed something that had applications to where I would be able to derive better sleep schedules while also holding me accountable to my work as well. As an entrepreneur, I had a tough time keeping my schedule balanced and simply predictably professional. So the fact that this Casio was just above $10, made me more prone to buying it.

The second feature that I love about this is the glow in the dark light up for when I'm awake at night and need to get a glass of water or piss a storm.

The third and last feature that I love most about this, on a utility standpoint, is the alert feature. There is an option on this watch that always beeps at every hour of the day. Whenever it strikes the first hour, it makes a beep noise. I found this to be incredibly helpful in keeping track of time, and  instantly alerting me of when the hour is up. That way, I am never late to anything and I know exactly when I am focusing too much on the wrong things. As an entrepreneur, it's so easy to lose track of time on things that don't matter. So because this watch beeps every hour, it holds me accountable and snaps me out of that focus mode of working; especially on things that aren't that important anyway.

This watch has been incredible for me. Every morning when I wear the watch, I am always able to see what time it is at any hour, and keep track of my progress and ensure that I'm checking off my daily bucket list items. In addition, the alarm feature of the watch works incredibly well in combination with other alarm clocks that I set up all around the room. Thirdly, whenever I am too focused on work, I get alerted to whenever the next hour strikes. For example, if it strikes 12 PM, it makes a beeping noise and I instantly know what time it is without even looking at my watch.

As a bonus, this watch compared to my Seiko dress watch, is a lot more comfortable to wear and was a key factor in my decision to switching over from my then-favorite Seiko leather band watch to a rubber-banded Casio. It also looks good to wear as well. If nobody knew that it was a Casio, nor had branding issues related to the brand, everybody would wear it. However, most people are plebs and care about making marked impressions on others. This Casio watch has has not only helped me with my attention difficulties, but also allowed me to keep my schedule on point, learn and evolve my skill sets through studying, and perform at a high level at my job. My time management is definitely still a work in progress, but I've since made huge strides using the tools provided from this $10 gadget; It is definitely worth $10,000 plus in value.

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