Buying Bitcoin & Swapping For Tezos Using MTurk & Cointiply!

I have been doing Amazon Turks for nearly 7 months now and it has been a fantastic way to structure my life and make it a permanent fixture in my daily routine. Because I have been reframing my mind to look at those dollars and cents as dividends every single day, they have been accruing daily and are being compounded into digital currency via CashApp by way of Bitcoin and eventually Tezos dividends (or baking what have you).

I've just recently started moving over all of my MTURK dividends to CashApp to buy more Bitcoin in order to take advantage of compounding interest by way of Tezos eventually. It is a very simple way to transfer over hard cash and buy Bitcoin assets with it. My goal is to eventually move it over to Tezos as soon as I have $100 worth of Bitcoin, and buy more $XTZ using atomic swaps, to bake or delegate them. Eventually I want to build a huge Tezos portfolio that returns dividends which I can use for other things such as buying up other speculative assets.

For those unaware, Tezos has a protocol that provides holders to put their $XTZ or Tezos into a bakery or delegator which generates them an annual yield of around 4 to 5% depending on which bakery or delegator it is. For baking, it requires 8,000 Tezos as collateral, whereas with delegation, there is no minimum amount of collateral needed. Here is what my current small bag of Tezos looks like right now:

Based on the terms of service for delegation, it will take roughly 5 weeks for staking rewards to appear, and after that it should take every 3 days for rewards to appear. Here is a calculator that can best summarize or estimate what the net proceeds might look like:

According to my delegator, there is a 4.xx% rate of return after fees are accounted for. Right now, my Bitcoin bag, with free dividends that I receive daily from MTurks is currently 25% of my own threshold for sending it over to swap it for $XTZ. Here's my CashApp portfolio right now, and keep in mind there is another $5 dividend, which I will convert to Bitcoin, after it posts:

Keep in mind, I just recently decided to do this only a week ago, and it has already accumulated to $26 in Bitcoin assets with free dividends, which will continually compound as I delegate them in my wallet as Tezos, after conversion.

Here is another very cool app that also provides free dividends. Keep in mind it is a very semi-passive source of Bitcoin dividends for me as I do not run it all the time as I do work from home and need the internet bandwidth for speed. However, it continually compounds on the background with some monitoring needed. That app is called Cointiply.

Cointiply is a unique app that provides for you a way to earn rewards by points in a multitude of ways. I primarily use it by watching videos on and then redeeming them for points through Cointiply. I recently just had my first withdrawal, which is for a threshold of $5 or 50,000 coins (on the App). You can also choose to store your bitcoins on there and accrue interest at a 5% interest rate, which automatically does this for you when you opt in for that option and have a bag of 35,000 coins or more (Cointiply points). 

First step: Sign up to Cointiply

Second Step: Sign up to Hideout TV

Third Step: Go to Loyalty Program Rewards
Link New Account & Link Your Cointiply Account

Fourth Step: Watch Videos!

Fifth Step: Redeem Hideout Points for Cointiply Coins!

Believe me, it might seem like a lot of work, but it's not! It's one of my daily rituals to turn it on when I'm not needing extensive Internet bandwidth use. The coins compound and they add up quickly over time! Cointiply has been one of the highest yielding platforms for me by far and that's why I use it over the other platforms you might have seen on the other picture. Every so often, Hideout asks you to do a captcha after maybe 2 hours to see if you're still online, so that is what I mean by semi-passively monitoring this platform. For Cointiply I predominantly use Hideout videos to accrue points! 

Here is proof of my recent deposit into my CashApp account!


Anyways, I really hope this article helps you make semi passive income that reaps you lots of dividends in the long term future! I look at personal finance like Jiu Jitsu! If there is a way for you to play 3 moves together in tandem, and to leverage ways to yield the most amount of money possible, I'm going to find ways to do that!

Check out my newly published article over at Publish0x where I talk about how I leverage credit cards and their rewards points and cashbacks in tandem with other apps such as Rakuten to pay down student loan debt, make tax gains with College 529 Plans, and utilize other ways to make micro-investments that compound in the long run using things you already use or need! Read that article here! 


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