The Only Thing You Or I Can Control...

Attitude is the only attribute you can fully control. Erase any hint of doubt and insecurity; wipe that out and replace it with assurance that you're 100% in control. You are 100% responsible for how things are going in your life right now, because a set back is merely a get back. Why is it that I believe and know, for a fact, that attitude is 100% our responsibility?

The future is unknown can we both agree on that? We don't know how it's going to play out. In fact, anything that can go wrong goes wrong in life. We've all been dealt those cards before. However, can we both agree that for the most part, the most successful people in life have positive attitudes? These people are not only winning on a career front, but they are also winning on a fulfillment front.

In my last post I told you guys about how in order for me to increase my monthly income by $100 from the prior month end April 20, I needed to be approved for another program with my then employer Sykes Enterprises. Well, since then, I've been accepted into a full-time role with Sykes on behalf of a fortune 200 company that everyone knows of. Here's where positive attitude comes in. Like I said before, I didn't know if I would get the job or not, but I did have contingencies for if that didn't pan out. Now the positivity doesn't stop here. Now the goal is for me to keep the job and perform at upper-echelon levels so that I maintain this income stream. More importantly, that I create business proof that shows my accolades on a resume. Also so that I can maintain this income stream to develop my skills and add it to my repertoire for the future.

Right now I'm in the training phase. I have one week left of training before I either graduate, or not, to get into the OTJ (on the job) training phase of this job. I've already had instances where I messed up and was tardy for some aspect of training, but for the most part, I feel that I am doing well and will graduate. However, this is still not indicative that I will in fact graduate. This is where I take full responsibility for my actions and I control only the variables that I can control: my work ethic, enthusiasm, timeliness, education, and discipline. I'm learning a lot and gaining many skills during this training period, but in order for me to attain greatness, I have to do a lot more.

Positivity is infectious. When someone ascribes to positivity, their lives will truly transform. I believe that you all can testify that I've become less negative and transformed into a more positive person. Although I know there is a probability that something bad can happen that will dry up this income stream, I'm already thinking about how I can get it back if I ever do run into a setback. Not only that, but I'm getting more pumped up to attain greatness and perform at a high level for this company: one that has graciously opened its doors for me to grow within their organization. If you have ever grown up like me, someone with a ton of negative energy, I urge you to read this and subscribe to my YouTube channel to grow alongside me in this journey.

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