How I Make Even More Money With Shipt Or Instacart

I'm all about tying different things together so that I can maximize my value and squeeze out every ounce of profits I can take. That's why I think of personal finance like Jiu Jitsu, which I often talk about on my podcast over at In fact, I reframed everything that I'm pursuing like Jiu Jitsu: an art form that I perfect the more I do it alongside with my learning style. It's almost similar to couponing, where master couponers are able to use leverage to maximize their dollars and hoard all different kinds of stuff. Sometimes they even make money from it for all of their hard work finding ways to get rebates, cashbacks, buy-one-get-ones, on top of manufacturers coupons; which brings them to a sum-total of $4 back for possibly hundreds of items!

I haven't yet perfected this art form, but I've managed to find one way to parlay some profits from my gig work at Shipt and Instacart into another avenue for income: cashback apps. So since I do grocery delivery for Shipt or Instacart, I am able to receive receipts from the stores for all gigs accepted. I don't have to give it back to the customer, in fact it is entirely OK for me to keep them as all of the receipts are held digitally. From what I've read from the terms, it's encouraged to not give customers their receipts. Using this as a lever, I have been uploading these receipts into cashback apps which then accrue points which I can eventually redeem for cold hard cash. So far, I have five apps that I use for this endeavor, and it's completely easy to do.

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Now you might be thinking to yourself: "yeah I don't even want to be bothered uploading all of these receipts on these apps. I'm busy as hell, and I just don't have the patience." Relax; I completely understand. I used to be in the same boat. I was always doing the run-around, doing different errands and running my body dry on top of uploading receipts while hangry...Till I managed to find a better way and slowed down, while increasing my productivity at the same time. This is where the art form of personal development, personal finance, and career development comes in to play. The more you are able to find your lever, while maximizing your energy levels, while increasing productivity; the more you will find these little opportunities whereby you will have zero qualms about spending just a few seconds to a few minutes on them.

I also reframe these receipt apps as dividends. Think about what a dividend is for a quick second. A dividend is either a quarterly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual payout that a company pays to reward its shareholders for holding their stocks. Usually, dividends range from either pennies to dollars per share. If you reframe any gig that pays you, as dividends that accrue and compound the more you do it, you have yourself the bare-bones definition of a dividend in a Neo-conventional sense. That's why I have made it a daily ritual to do 1 super-easy dividend survey from Amazon Turks every single day. That usually pays me a dividend every 3 days (ranging from $1 to sometimes $20).

I've used these apps before, and I've been paid by them in the past. Although I have taken a hiatus from using such apps as they were more cumbersome before, and also because I had a really bad phone, I'm back to doing them in a more efficient way. Let me know what other apps you use to earn cash back for every grocery store receipt you have. And let me know what you think about leveraging grocery store receipts from Shipt or Instacart gigs in order to earn more profits.

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