How I'm Going To Make More Money This Quarter

Since the last video and blog series, a lot has changed. I've since done some more grocery deliveries for my side hustles with Instacart and Shipt, which will surely generate a lot more income for me for Month end 5/20/20. Further, I've gotten word that I've gotten a permanent position with the work from home company that I was a part of; which is an update on how I will increase my monthly income by $100 from the prior month's income report month-end 4/20. Read till the end of this article to see 1 more side hustle that I've just gotten approved for, and 1 banking opportunity which will make me a lot of cash within 90 days.

Instacart Stats:

1 delivery
Gross pay:$21.16
Tips: $11.80
Net pay: $6.97

Instacart is not my go-to delivery app to be quite honest, but it is definitely still one of the best grocery delivery apps out there next to Shipt. However on this particular delivery, which was my second in fact, I made a calculated decision to do it despite making $10 or $20 less than what I could have earned doing Shipt. This was because Instacart requires shoppers to have at least 4 insulated grocery bags and 1 huge double insulated bag (something like that). They allowed me to purchase a kit from them, which was a deal I wouldn't have been able to get from Amazon, by deducting $25.99 from my trip earnings.

I did this for two reasons:
  1. I will provide more value for my customers on both Shipt and Instacart
  2. I will be reinvesting in my performance the more I do these side hustles 
The reason why I love Instacart is because picking substitutes, for when orders are not in stock, is much easier. You are able to focus on just picking the groceries for the most part and having the customer decide if what you chose was good or not. The promos and batches to shop for can sometimes be as competitive in pay as Shipt, and sometimes with less work, but for different stores that I might not be as accustomed to as I am with Shipt. Nevertheless, I am so grateful for Instacart because this is another stream of income I have at my disposal, especially with covid-19 promos.

Once again, to reiterate, I am doing these side hustles whenever I have time for a minimum of 3x a week. I am picking and choosing which deliveries to do. This is just one way that I can minimize my cost outlays by spending less on gas and more time on the higher paying grocery promos with the least amount of work.

Shipt Stats:

I made 3 deliveries this past week starting with 1 on 4/26 and 2 today 4/28. For the first order, I earned $50.02 and a massive tip of $34 from a late tip on one of the prior week's trips. For today's orders, which was quite easy, I made $77.78 for the order plus promo and $25.54 in tips. Today's orders were quite easy but still took about 3 hours to do. Based on simple math, I would have made $34.44 per hour which is actually quite good.

The reason why I love Shipt is that you are able to preview what the orders are so that you know exactly how easy or difficult a shipment will be. The other thing is that you are able to see what the addresses are so that you can preemptively calculate and choose how to commute your rides and orders together to maximize time spent on one store.

Wells Fargo 

Wells Fargo Currently has a promotion that provides you with $400 for having $4,000 or more direct deposits within 90 days. After I had successfully completed all of my promos with Varo, Current, and Chime, as detailed here, I was able to earn $75, $50, and $50 in free money just for having direct deposits into each separate bank account through my gig work and temporary WFH job.

With this new bank account, I have linked it to a new job that I just received, and it is a permanent position with the same company I used for my seasonal work as a product support specialist through Sykes. I talk about that here.

I linked all of my gig jobs from Shipt and Instacart to my Wells Fargo account, along with my Amazon Turks account. With all of these, and my 40 hour WFH desk job, I will be able to accumulate $4,000 in no time at all. Being able to take advantage of all of these promos is instrumental in building wealth, but more importantly, for raising capital for the next investment ladder. Holding cash is as bad as spending it on stupid things that provide no real value to oneself because of the idea of inflation.

This is why I told you earlier on about why I took that Instacart gig to buy the 5 insulation bags at a steal (essentially for sweat equity) because I wanted to reinvest in my side hustles to make it more of a business rather than a hobby. Think about what you're spending your time or money on. If you're playing video games, it should be to reward yourself for having worked so hard or meeting benchmarks. Everything should have a purpose for everything.

Approved For: DoorDash & Courier!

Experiment on this soon. 


I hope this motivates you to get after it and inspires you to think of everything as a long-term game, not a race. Don't compete with the person next to you. Stay in your own lane and run the marathon with one-track mindedness. If you still don't believe in me, keep reading my blogs to document my trials and tribulations. If you're not making money in this bear market, despite all of the tools at your disposal, you're not doing something right. I totally get it if there are other circumstances that may be impeding those goals though. I've been through it, and I want you to succeed and get through those hurdles even if it takes you 2 years like it did me. VLOG about that soon.

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