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There are opportunities everywhere even in seeming crises like we see today with Covid-19. But in these crises there are opportunities, you just need to know where to look for them. You also need to be able to get your hands dirty and put in some sweat equity for the bucks, as it won't come easy. This post is not for most, but for those who have fallen short of cash in hard times and are relying on iffy government aid to bail them out. Just so you know, even I haven't received my stimulus check yet. I think it might just be prioritized for those that filed their 2019 taxes this year, but it's just a hunch.

Get Dirty

This is not for those who have a reputation to uphold: business leaders or owners that feel like it will be a huge downgrade to do this type of work. This is for those who aren't afraid to start over from scratch, or have the humility to put in the grind to make it happen. This is that type of blue collar work almost everyone accustomed to a certain pay grade, or type of work, will never be able to do. But it's an opportunity that also helps people during unique times and rewards you with decent amounts of cash.

I first explored this mindset when I watched "Undercover Billionaire," a show from the Discovery channel, which explored the trials and tribulations of a man named Glenn Stearns. Stearns is a Billionaire, and he made his billions during his tenure as founder and CEO of Stearns which is a lending company. The premise of the show was to see if he can start over from just $100 and a rusty blue pickup truck to creating a million dollar business in just 90 days. And you can say he succeeded.


Seeing a billionaire do jobs that he normally wouldn't do like cleaning toilets or screen printing t-shirts was inspirational. Also seeing how he lead a team and created a business from scratch was doubly so. This led me to thinking outside of the box and seeing how I might provide value to others at this time, while being paid well to do so. No longer was I shackled by the bounds of egotistical limitation. I was going to do the work.

So I decided to research and found some leads: work from home jobs, side hustles delivering food & groceries, and bookkeeping work. Then, when the coronavirus pandemic just hit, I got my leads, since I had done the work beforehand. First, around February, I was accepted for a work from home job that also has room to grow within the company. Then, after the pandemic hit, there soon became a need for delivery workers so that families can eat while practicing safe distancing from the comforts of their home. I applied to 3 of the biggest delivery providers in my area, and soon after started making a decent side-income as there were bonuses for such type of work and excess demand.

Keep in mind, doing these jobs was a win-win. I always test out all of the products and services I review or recommend on both of my Dividend websites. It's a way for me to be ethical and morally responsible in order to not only lead by example, but also show people I'm in the trenches with them. Also, it is a way to ensure that they are solid products or services in order so they won't waste their time.

Use code D707E4 to sign up

Shipt is currently in need of workers to do grocery shopping and prescription deliveries on behalf of Target and other corporations. They have an excess of demand so they are doing promos that pay above average of what they usually pay to such gig workers.

Use Code ASUNG8114D to sign up
Instacart is also in need of workers as they also have been ramping up to acclimate for demand. They are also paying above pay-grade for what they usually shell out for current needs. 

Apply to Sykes Home
Sykes Home is a pioneer for work from home jobs. They've been doing it for 2 decades now and thus far, they have treated all of their loyal employees fairly and equitably. They have a bunch of benefits for working for them long term. They also provide all of the equipment.


I have tested two of the three above, and so far, I only have glowing reviews about them. The first I've tested was a work-from-home gig for Sykes to provide invaluable customer product support to customers on behalf of a financial services company. Right now, they are in the process of having me transition to a new company they just acquired contracts for, which they say might be more of a permanent position. Like I mentioned, it's a win-win either way if I get it or not because I did this job to:

        A. Get outside of my comfort zone and try something new
        B. Test this work-from-home gig for my loyal subscribers
        C. To raise capital while encouraging others to do the same.

The second I've tested was Shipt. Shipt is a delivery services company that is owned by Target, and in my area, the primary grocery stores that seem to be hot are Target and Fairway. I've done 3 gigs for them and I've already earned $150 from those. I plan to keep delivering for them and doing at least 3 to 4 deliveries a week which at the current rate would net me 600 to 800 a month in extra income. This is very time intensive and sometimes difficult work as we are now experiencing a lot of food shortages as many people are stockpiling groceries daily. Also, in some areas, there are grocery lines to limit social contact between customers which can create time bottlenecks.

Be on the look out for a new article over at to see the income reports from all 3 of my income sources during coronavirus season. It will be posted shortly this week. New video is about to get sent over on YouTube as well. Sorry, I've been dealing with some internal conflicts, and will definitely hustle through them.

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