Smartphone Apps That Pay Passive Dividends In 2020

Passive Income separates itself from active or semi-passive income because it is just as it states: completely passive. That means these are things that generate you revenue, although small, that also compound slowly over time. The following apps are all Android apps that I currently use and which have served to provide numerous gift cards or paypal transfers over the years. The following are all front screen or web monitoring apps that don't effect performance at all. Front screen apps are ones that offer you points for swiping right in order to get into the home screen of your phone. Web monitoring apps are ones that track data usage for research purposes.

Embee Pay or Mobile Performance Meter, is an app I've used for 2 years now and it has consistently been a reliable source for Amazon (or Walmart) gift cards for me. It's that passive for me that I can't remember which gift cards I normally redeem using this app. This app gives you points for monitoring your web usage passively in the background, and offers additional points for completing surveys or referring people. I love this app.

Screenlift is a new app that I'm currently using, and which has been completely passive while providing other options to earn points such as checking in and playing ads or signing up to referral partners. So far, I've been receiving points passively for just swiping the front screen.

Slidejoy is another front screen app I've used for 3 or 4 years now and has consistently paid out and offered points completely passively just for swiping right into the home screen. Although there are low point seasons at times, based on how profitable ads are aseasonlly, it is consistent and completely passive. Slidejoy also has a cool option to choose "Hero" or "Regular" mode. Hero mode allows you to accumulate points and redeem them for charity at the end. Regular mode allows you to accrue points and redeem them for gift cards.

CashMagnet is a new Android app that provides near-completely passive income and a really lucrative referral system. Pretty much it gamifies passive income in a way that is unique to the smartphone farming community. It has many levels (similar to a video game) that provides faster run time at each level after achieving the requirements that each level needs. For example, Level 2 requires you to install 3 games on your smartphone. It offers points in a few different ways: playing games, playing ads (completely passively), completing tasks, and referring people. The downside for this app is that it can be laggy, and it causes your phone to be unusable when you start the passive income mode. I would recommend you install this on a phone you don't use and place it on passive mode 24/7 while leveling up at the same time by meeting each tier's requirements. As of now, there is a 4 phone limit per unique IP. So if you have two unique IPs you can have up to 8 smartphones using the app at a time. Use my referral code yio3Wo when you install it on your Android phone. Oh and did I mention you can also redeem your points for Bitcoin or Ethereum? This on top of the traditional Paypal or Amazon gift cards.


These are fantastic apps for generating completely passive smartphone income. Although they are not reliable as a sole source of income, these are opportunities to generate farming opportunities where you accumulate used phones that you no longer use to accumulate points slowly over time.

Honorable Mentions:

Smartphone Paycheck 
This is a data processing app that limits users each year, so always be on the look out for when applications open up again. I was lucky enough to apply last year but unfortunately only one of my phones was capable to be used. This is a completely passive income app that limits users to 3 devices, and only utilizes phones that have high processing capabilities (newer android OS). What they do is they use your phone's processing power and sells it. All you have to do is hook up your phone to a charger and connect it to the internet. The dividends start pouring in (slowly) and compounds over time. I've withdrawn it to test it once before, and surely enough it transferred. I started all over for January 2020, and has since accumulated $23 within a few months. Every quarter I plan on withdrawing and investing it in either my M1Finance Portfolio or Webull Trading Account.

Steady App
This is a pretty cool app that provides financial tracking, while also aggregating business opportunities for freelancers or longterm recurring gig roles that pay a "Steady" paycheck. They also provide income boosters where if you sign up to their partners, they will offer you a visa debit card after the offer has been completed. I tested it once and I ended up receiving a $15 gift card, within 2 days, for signing up to one of their boosters. I will be testing their gig or freelance opportunities for this blog soon. This is also available for iPhone users.

There are a lot of apps out there that are terrible for passive income building. Many of your favorite personal finance blogs promote apps that have had histories of horrible performances (i.e. slowing down your phone's internet), non-payments, or bad points tracking. These apps are tested by me and have a high level of social upvotes. I will follow up to consistently monitor these apps and offer more passive income apps for iPhone users as well. Don't hesitate to jump on the Android bandwagon as there are typically more opportunities for smartphone passive income there. Check out to chronicle my journey towards personal freedom: From $9.92 on November 2019 to $800 today on M1Finance; and $354 held in cash on Webull to swing trade blockchain companies.

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