7 Powerful Dividend Hacking Apps In 2020 (Grow Your Bitcoins)


This app is probably the easiest and quickest receipt cashback app that I've used. Most of the receipt apps I've used have taken months to make the minimum cashout, but for this app, it seems quicker. For example, I recently went on a shopping trip to Dollar Tree (don't judge) and spent about $11 on the whole trip. For this receipt, I earned $0.06. The other apps are not only slower, but they accrue in points so you're not as able to see how quickly you are at accruing points. With this, I can see it being easier to manage and much better to see results with. There is a $10 minimum payout but you should be able to accrue those points easily. They also allow e-receipts now. All you have to do is email them at receipts@coinout.com to fetch those points. They allow you to redeem your cash via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or Bank transfer (after you reach platinum).

Full Dive Browser

This is a new browser app for both iOS and Android that pays you for browsing the web. It also uses adblockers so that your browsing experience is both quick and friendly. They allow you to get paid in points for data you're already sending everyone else, for browsing the web. You can redeem these points for gift cards or Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum. They also have a Google Chrome extension to further accrue more points. So far I've been gaining points steadily every day that I use this browser app for my Android and it's been pleasant to browse with thus far. To gain even more points, I make sure to use Bing as my search engine (They don't have a default option for search engines yet so I have to manually set it) so that I can accrue Bing rewards on top of Full Dive points. If I were you I'd tinker with the settings to maximize earnings (i.e. maximizing ads). If you use the app, you will know what I'm talking about. If you're going to cash out using Crypto, I'd use Ethereum instead of Bcash as they are the number 2 cryptocurrency in the world. Use code 6TC3X when signing up for this app.

Get Pei

Pei is an app for both iOS and Android that pays you back whenever you purchase using a linked credit card with select merchants. This is pretty much passive because you can allow Pei to enable location services to find merchants near you that you can earn cashback on. All you have to do is link as many credit cards or debit cards that you purchase anything with, and then go to physical restaurants or stores they have partnerships with using the linked cards. Or you can even select online deals directly through the app. You earn cash back and can redeem them for Bitcoin. There is a $25 point minimum and you do need to have at least one transaction with a Pei merchant to cash out. Use code xwglvq when signing up.


Dosh is also another cashback app similar to Pei in the sense that you can earn cashback for simply shopping in restaurants IRL or in the app. They also have hotel partners where you can get reduced rates with significant cashback rewards. What's even better is that you can double up on rewards sometimes by linking your credit cards in Dosh and Pei and then using it in a restaurant that is accepted by both apps. If you use a rewards card, you can triple the rewards and cashbacks received. Use my referral link and earn $5 by signing up and linking your card.


Lolli is another cashback site that has a growing number of merchants. They pretty much operate just like Rakuten, except they offer you cashback in the form of $BTC. So whenever you purchase on their site with approved merchants, you can earn Bitcoin back. Use Lolli in order to grow your bag on items that you already need to purchase anyways.  

Varo Money

Varo is a mobile banking app that allows users to receive their paycheck (via direct deposit) 2 days quicker than other banking institutions. So far, it's been super easy to use them as a bank; however, I have not used them, nor intend to use them for Crypto purchases as I don't want my account frozen. If you sign up using my referral link and code, you will receive $75 whenever you open a new account and receive a direct deposit of $200. That's pretty simple compared to other banking institutions that have longer deposit times and higher direct deposit thresholds. If I'm not mistaken, they are also friendly for gig workers and freelancers as well. Use code NpLWQ if they ask for it. They are friendly for both iOS and Android.


This is another mobile banking app that also allows quicker direct deposits than traditional banking institutions. If you use my Current link, you'll get $1 to start free. Right now, Steady App has a promotion for Current that won't last long. If you use the Steady App promotion right now, you'll be able to get $50 in prepaid debit card if you have a direct deposit of over $100 within 60 days. I've pretty much linked my Amazon Turks account to Current and am well on my way of achieving that direct deposit goal using small dividends I earn every single day. I make it a goal to complete at least one survey a day on there to consistently earn semi-passive dividends (as these surveys don't require much work). The more consistent I am, the more qualified I get for higher paying surveys. I just completed two $5 surveys; and I am getting qualified for way more the longer I complete these surveys, and the better my completion and rejected ratios become. I write about this on my other blog here.

Exchange Prepaid, Amazon, and Paypal gift cards for Bitcoin

Become a paid Amazon shopper with Purse.io using my referral link, and then use the Amazon gift cards that you've accrued to purchase items for shoppers

Here is a link that gives you the step by step process for how to go about doing this:

The exchange rate for Bitcoin to USD is very inflated, but if you time your earnings right, you'll gain an ROI. Besides if you convert free money into Crypto, you're still ahead. If you decide to take advantage of the inflated exchange rate as a customer, you will be able to potentially purchase gifts at a discount.

If you have a Prepaid Debit Card, you can easily convert that into Amazon gift cards by purchasing it on their main page. Or you can connect your prepaid debit card to Paypal or Venmo, assuming it is a Prepaid debit card branded by Discover, American Express, Visa, or Mastercard; and they accept them. There you can use your Paypal account as an earner.

Update: No longer a feasible option as they have discontinued operations this year. 


Yeah these free income-earning apps might be too much for you to wrap your head around. Perhaps you don't have a lot of time to focus on the nitty-gritty of applying to such programs and setting these systems up. But once they are set up, they are pretty much semi-passive earners at the very least. Rome wasn't built in one day, and your smartphone farming/income empire should be considered as such. Like I say, there is no such thing as a free lunch; with these apps, they require some front-end sweat equity. But after the initial work is done, your efforts are halfway there.

Consider these income-earning apps like dividends. They might have a steady yet consistently upward earning trajectory, but at some point there might be a dividend slash. For others, like Bing Rewards, Swagbucks, or Amazon Turks; the more you stay consistent and plow back into their platforms, the more you will be rewarded in the form of higher earning surveys or consistent Walmart gift cards (my gift card of choice on Bing). Perhaps, if you are diligent with shilling and providing value with your Swagbucks referral link (a 10+ year pioneer in the gift card/offer rewards tech space), the quicker you will accrue those paypal gift cards.

The work doesn't just end there. It's easy to spend free money on shit you don't need. Your final goal is to make sure that your miniscule dividends compound over time to  increase your bank or crypto account in a major way. This is where personal finance becomes an art form. The more you make mistakes and learn from them, the better off you will be in the long-run.

Edit: Purse.io is currently closing down by end of June of 2020. It is sad that I couldn't explore that platform further, but I totally understand due to the current volatility of crypto markets. 

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