Opportunities During Coronavirus | Apps In 2020 To Use

These are apps that I recently discovered have already been offering me cash for tasks. Depending on how you utilize these apps, and based on whether you have the variables on your side like a fuel-economic car, you can make a decent amount of income relative to whatever bad situation you are in. I also talk about this on my YouTube video, but I wanted to also write about some things I've omitted for clarification. 

This blog post will only go into the details I forgot to mention in the video; so if you wanted the full scope of what I talked about, go watch it now.

Here is a list of the Platforms mentioned:


Comfort Zone

First I wanted to say that I didn't mean to come across as "you need to stay out of your comfort zone in order to overtake other people". It came across as belittling others of, perceptibly lower talent rising above those that do, due to hard work; that one should scale up by 5% every single day because they will be dusted by them if not. Instead I meant to convey it as having tunnel vision and growing consistently, and growing your talents as opposed to squandering them. I also wanted to say that there is no shortage of success or resources. There is room for growth for everyone; there should be no comparison involved. People should praise other people's successes, whether they are more successful than them or not, and that's what I meant to say. However, as all content creators know, pushing out quality content on schedule is difficult and sometimes miscommunication may occur.

5% Gains Every Day 

When I meant 5% every day, I didn't mean it quantitatively. But it could be done that way as well. It depends on what kind of person you are: logic prone or emotional prone.

For me, I derive motivation and consistency from having a feeling of accomplishment; or feeling like I got a lot of things done and I did it better than the day before. So when I mention growing 5% every day, I meant it as having better days each and every day, and consistently feeling like I'm progressing.

I have also done this on the number side as well. For example, if you made 10 cold calls the prior night, you might decide to do 11 calls the next day. Or, if you wanted to use a less linear example, you could say that each time you do cold calls, you noticed you're shaving off time (5% less) while getting more leads. This non-linear aspect of personal growth is why I like to label consistent compounding growth as "5% every single day".

The main reason why I label it this way is that it allows me to add more fuel to the fire, and have consistency. I get better results, the better I get at doing something like cold calling, and if I have stretch goals every single day it creates the momentum of consistency.


It might have been unclear for those that watched the entire video, but in it I mention how I installed and applied for Postmates over 3 years ago. Due to that, I already have the opportunity to make some money if I was desperate for it. Because I already installed and applied for this gig work, I am able to have multiple opportunities from each and every app that I'm already approved for. This Coronavirus pandemic proves that remote work and flex-work is the future; and also having multiple streams of income because one income stream can dry out due to any emergency. If you have a mindset of positivity and yet preparation for 1 or 2 extreme circumstances every year, you're going to be prepared to withstand some brutal days. The Coronavirus is hurting multiple industries, but driving demand for others such as healthcare, warehouse industrial work, and grocery stores. It is also driving demand for remote work where, traditionally physical jobs, migrated to digital meetings or conference calls.

In it I also mentioned how platforms like Amazon Turks are definitely not get-rich-quick schemes. Although it might seem to be paying peanuts now, the more surveys or gigs you do, the more data Amazon has about you and the more you will be approved for higher paying gigs. It's all in the performance and data. So for remote apps or work such as Postmates, the better service you provide, and the better reviews you get from customers; the more gigs you will get and with better tips.

It's always better to be a first-mover and get in the forefront of something, so that eventually when a fledgling business such as Postmates, or remote work providers like Sykes scale up, you're going to be the first person they call for and the first person they promote. It's all in the data, and how consistently serious you take this. You want to increase your performance by 5% every single day, but not do over do it so that you get burnt out.

Avalanche vs Snowball Method

This was a metaphor I used for the two most common debt repayment systems most people utilize. The avalanche method is a system where you pay off the highest interest accruing debt first, whereas the snowball method is a system that targets the smallest amount of debt first. I write about that on my blog here. I used these two systems as a corollary for why I use snowball method for everything. For incremental gains and progressing in every facet of my life. I do it because I love seeing consistent progress, versus when I look at the enormity of a situation such as high interest rates, I tend to have more developmental paralysis. Each person is different, so you specifically might enjoy spending all of your energy on the highest accruing debt first, or metaphorically, the toughest challenge first; this might cause you to create consistency and momentum. But for me, seeing the small tasks getting chipped away little by little, and being able to scale up incrementally with stretch goals, is the one that nets me the best results. Everyone is different.

So typically, my schedule has a common consistency. It has tasks that teeter between being extremely quick and easy-to-do such as "making my bed" or "doing 1 Amazon Turks gig per day". Whenever I check those off, not only does it give my brain a sense of accomplishment, it builds upon that fire every single day. When I reframed Amazon Turks as a "dividend" as opposed to an "infinitesimally small paying gig", it drove a sense of excitement as opposed to fatigue. As a dividend now, Amazon Turks will consistently start compounding in my bank account (with a payout threshold of 3 days), and so if I do at least one task a day, I will be getting 1 dividend almost every single day. Not only that, the more I compound data and prove reliability with a 97.6% acceptance rate, eventually I will get approved for the $20 to $100 paying tasks in the future.


I hope this blog helps you with reframing your mind, and being able to utilize the tools to get to where you need to be. Reframe and do the tough things no one else wants to do out of fear (like "what if I deliver food to one of my friends -- that's so embarrassing!" - more on this later). This blog and www.dividendraptor.com was created to help others track my journey, and create a neo-personal finance platform that allows people to grow alongside me in voyeuristically-Millennial fashion. I wanted to target and help Zoomers learn what I had to with great difficulty because these personal finance and wealth-building skills weren't taught in school; especially entrepreneurial skills. Thanks for tracking alongside with me. Keep it posted and bookmark this website or subscribe to my YouTube channel for more engaging content. I appreciate you all more than you know. New additions to create a better tracking system of income or debt reports will be designed in the future as I (we) scale. 

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